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B’nai Shalom organizes a variety of shul-wide programs that educate, entertain and connect members to Jewish practice, ideas, values, culture and of course one another. Many of these events are part of our Shabbat and holiday celebrations throughout the Jewish calendar year. Click Here for a Slide Show from some of our Events

In addition to participating in the rituals associated with each holiday, we bring the community together for some creative programs that make the occasions more fun and memorable. Our City Slickers Western-style Sukkah party and our Lag B’omer Luau or the Megillah Madness Basketball Tournament for Purim night are just a few examples of how we aim to increase the joy of those taking part in the festivities. Of course, food, games and music are a welcome component of these events.

Our “Jewish Journeys” program is a series of conversations in members’ homes. Over 170 families were represented in our first year, “Our Jewish Past,” where members shared their backgrounds and lessons learned over the years. We came to know each other better, and grew the fabric of our community. In the fall of 2016, we continued the conversations with “Our Jewish Future.” Contact Rabbi Tobin for more information about these profound and meaningful experiences for members of our congregation.

Each year we also arrange group trips to museums and the theater and we have screened relevant films and heard lectures from guest speakers on Israel, Jewish History and Jewish Composers. We have also hosted Jewish a Capella singing groups and held musical concerts that enrich our lives at B’nai Shalom.

For young families, we have gone apple picking, celebrated Noah at the Turtle Back Zoo, held early Shabbat services and dinners followed by engaging entertainment for the children and parents, witnessed Havdallah under the stars and celebrated grandparents and other significant family members on a Shabbat for the children.

We invite new ideas of how we can better engage you in your Jewish life here and welcome your involvement in our programs to enhance your experience as part of the B’nai Shalom Community.

For additional information or to share an idea, please contact Leslie Gleaner, our Programing Coordinator, at

Join us for a special evening on September 4, 2018

Dr. Michael Oren
Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States


Common Destiny or Separate Paths?

Dr. Michael Oren is a world renowned Israeli historian, author and politician who grew up in West Orange. He is currently a member of the Knesset for the Kulanu party and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.

He has written books, articles and essays on Middle Eastern history, including the New York Times best-selling Power, Faith and Fantasy, Six Days of War: June 1967, The Making of the Modern Middle East and Ally.

Dr. Oren has been a visiting professor at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown universities in the United States, as well as the Hebrew and Tel Aviv universities in Israel.

This event is Dr. Oren's exclusive speaking engagement in the Metropolitan NYC area and is open to the entire community.

Join Dr. Oren as he walks us through this most important issue facing Israel and our connection to the Jewish state.

If you have a specific question for Dr. Oren, please type it in the box below. Dr. Oren will do his best to answer all questions.

If you want to spend extra time with Dr. Oren, please sign up as a patron.

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available (Click here for more information)

The Evening's Program is as follows:

Student Youth Talk: 6:30pm (Click here for more information)

Patron Reception: 7:00pm (Click here for more information)

West Point Jewish Choir: 7:30pm

Dr. Oren's Presentation: 8:00pm

For everyone's security: Backpacks will not be allowed and pocketbooks will be searched. Please no scissors, pocket knives, etc.

Water will be available for purchase

Sorry, Patron event tickets sold out.

Total Cost: $

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