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Welcome to B’nai Shalom, a contemporary Conservative synagogue built upon practicing and living a core tenet of Judaism: “The world rests on three pillars: Torah study, worship and acts of loving-kindness.”

B’nai Shalom offers a profound spiritual experience along with a warm family-like atmosphere where everyone feels at home and has a rich opportunity to socialize with fellow congregants. We welcome with open arms new members of all backgrounds and family structures.


Please visit; enjoy our services and Kiddush. Learn with us at Culture and Learning Center programs. Come to our free family holiday events. You are welcome to sample all that B’nai Shalom has to offer.

We know that becoming a member of a synagogue is a big decision. Location is a factor, as are the feel of the building and sanctuary, the quality of the Religious School, and the sense of ease in a space with well-considered security systems. Most important is your comfort with the rabbi and the congregation.

We look forward to greeting you. When you first come to services on Shabbat, please tell the volunteer greeter in the sanctuary your name, so that we can make sure you have someone to sit with at Kiddush.

Our Membership Chair ( is ready to answer your questions. And Rabbi Tobin (973) 518-3534 will gladly speak with you to learn what B’nai Shalom can do to meet your needs.

Once you decide to join, B’nai Shalom offers a variety of membership plans. Our membership chair will help as you decide which plan fits your family best.

Our Members Speak

Seth Cohen:

B’nai Shalom is not just a collection of people, it is a family where people come together to celebrate happy times and support each other during sad times. We are proud that our children have grown up in this warm Jewish environment and developed a love of Judaism that will stay with them throughout their lives

Debra Grossman:

Membership at B’nai Shalom has given me a chosen extended family - one that shares my choice of practicing as a Conservative Jew, with the added advantage of having friendships and working relationships with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I have also been able to watch my children and grandchildren learn our traditions in our synagogue - our Jewish home. May we continue to go from strength to strength together.

Jesse Schneider:

What I really appreciate is a rekindling for me of an ability to dive in, lead the services and read Torah… And the grassroots nature of this shul, we're led by our congregants, by the people in the room. And the davening is top quality here. Torah reading's top quality. That, I think, is what I really enjoy the most about service, about how it impacted my Judaism personally. Being a part of a community like this, it's so much bigger and greater than any one person.

Vicki Phon-Caplan:

My parents had joined the Shul and I grew up here. The people are warm and welcoming, and we're happy to laugh together. Everyone's just here for each other. I have three children, they grew up in the Shul and were Bar Mitzvah’d here. The Hebrew school is phenomenal, and they love it so much that after their Bar Mitzvahs they've come back to help the teacher… If anyone has given us greater insights into Judaism and Jewish life as a whole, that's been Rabbi Tobin.

Already a Member?

Each member is a valued part of our B’nai Shalom family.

In lifecycle moments, we are there for you.

In sorrow and joy, or times of need, we are with you.

In your search for Jewish knowledge and inspiration, we join you.

And when you pitch in with volunteer hours and a good heart, your efforts are deeply appreciated as you help sustain this vital and caring community.

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