Rabbi Robert L. Tobin


"The World Rests on Three Pillars: Torah Study, Service Worship, and Acts of Love." (Pirkei Avot, 1:2). This is a favorite saying of Rabbi Robert L. Tobin, who provides spiritual leadership to B’nai Shalom based on these principles day in, day out.

Our Rabbi, Robert Tobin, is a dynamic speaker, welcoming pastor and master teacher. He was ordained by The Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1999. In his time as a rabbi, he has earned a reputation as a non-judgmental teacher and guide for your Jewish exploration, while leading his synagogues to experience a blend of credible tradition and joyous diversity. All are welcome, and all are equal at Bnai Shalom.

He has passion for Jewish community and the State of Israel. He has served on numerous local and national boards of directors, including Jewish Vocational Services, the UJC rabbinic cabinet, regional UJA/Federation Executive Committees, and the Northern New Jersey Rabbinical Assembly. His Israel work includes the Masorti Movement, MERCAZ/USA, The Jewish National Fund, the GMW/UJA Federation’s religious pluralism committee, and is the rabbinic teacher for the Peoplehood Project.

Rabbi Tobin holds 4 university degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University; an M.A. in Religion from Big East rival Syracuse University; a Master's of Hebrew Letters from the University of Judaism (now "American Jewish University"); and another M.A. in Judaic Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Rabbi Tobin grew up in Rochester, New York, and has lived and studied in South Africa, Chile, France and Israel. He speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and French.

Rabbi Emeritus Stanley L. Asekoff


Rabbi Stanley Asekoff was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts and is a graduate of the Boston Latin School, the oldest public school in the country. He received his BA in psychology from Brandeis University and a Bachelor's Degree from the Hebrew College in Boston in Jewish Education. He went on to receive both his Master's Degree in Hebrew Literature and Rabbinic Ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from JTS, awarded in 1998, and was certified as a Mesadder Gittin (Jewish Divorce Administrator) by the joint-Bet Din of the Conservative movement in 1989. Rabbi Asekoff currently serves as a member of the Joint Bet Din of the Conservative Movement.

Rabbi Asekoff has served as the Rabbi of B'nai Shalom since the summer of 1972 when he was hired as the assistant Rabbi, was elevated to Associate Rabbi and then to Senior Rabbi. During his tenure he increased the knowledge of the laiety, grew membership and attendance at holiday and Shabbat services, initiated a peer mentoring Torah Reading Academy for teens, supported the creation of an advanced adult Talmud class, and enhanced the Jewish commitment and participation of the congregation.

During the course of his Rabbinate, Rabbi Asekoff served as Secretary and then President of the Essex County Board of Rabbis and the New Jersey Region of the Rabbinical Assembly, the professional organization of Conservative Rabbis. He is a chaplain for the West Orange Police Department and played a significant role, working through the Anti-Defamation League, in training the police to recognize and deal with Bias Crimes.

He has also served on the Executive Board of the National Rabbinical Assembly and on the Board of Trustees of the United Jewish Communities of MetroWest. He is a member of the Rabbinic Cabinet of MetroWest, the Clergy Council of West Orange, the New York Board of Rabbis and the National Association of Jewish Chaplains. Rabbi Asekoff serves as a disaster chaplain certified by Disaster Chaplaincy Services of New York, and was recently appointed to the State of New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education.

Executive Committee

Jesse Schneider
Jesse Schneider
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Board Members

Term Ending (2021)

Stephen Burkat

Ronnie Horn

Henry Kaplan

Yael Webber

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Vicki Alvy

Vicki Caplan

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As with any synagogue, it is the president who leads the B'nai Shalom community forward, in both good times and trying times. We at B'nai Shalom are privileged to have had a long history of motivated, dedicated, and selfless leaders. It is only due to their hard work, their love of Judaism, and their ability to foster a sense of community that we are what we are today, a warm and loving place of worship and friendship.

Below is the honor roll of our Past Presidents. Those Past Presidents with an * next to their name are of blessed memory.

Max Richman*

1944 to 1945

Lee Sherman*

1945 to 1946

Edward Goldfein*

1946 to 1947

Irving Gennet*

1947 to 1948

Macyln Goldman*

1948 to 1949

Irving Galin*

1949 to 1950

Harold Jay*

1950 to 1951

Sol Eichler*

1951 to 1952

Nathan Rothenberg

1952 to 1953

Milton J. Schwartz*

1953 to 1955

Max Bruss

1955 to 1956

Frederick Wolf

1956 to 1957

Arthur Hirsh

1957 to 1958

David Hersh

1958 to 1961

Harold Levine

1961 to 1962

Eugene Ross*

1962 to 1963

Morton Grebelsky

1963 to 1964

Milton Breitman

1964 to 1967

Alfred Goodman

1966 to 1967

Isidore Krosser

1967 to 1968
Milton Newman

Milton Newman

1968 to 1969
Murray Gottlieb *

Murray Gottlieb*

1969 to 1971
Walter Springer

Walter Springer*

1971 to 1972
David Millstein

David Millstein*

1972 to 1973
Irving Kerzner

Irving Kerzner*

1973 to 1974
Arthur Maron

Arthur Maron

1974 to 1975
Joseph Friedman

Joseph Friedman

1975 to 1976
Mortimer Eber

Mortimer Eber*

1976 to 1977
Melvin L. Benjamin

Melvin L. Benjamin

1977 to 1979
Lynn S. Maron

Lynn Sunshine Maron*

1979 to 1980
Murray Gottlieb *

Murray Gottlieb*

1980 to 1982
Donald Legow

Donald Legow

1982 to 1985
David Plotkin

David Plotkin

1985 to 1987
Leonard Fisher

Leonard Fisher

1987 to 1989
Itving Berkowitz

Irving Berkowitz*

1970 to 1990
Howard Cohen

Howard Cohen

1989 to 1991
Max Spinrad

Max Spinrad

1991 to 1993
Paul Kurland

Paul Kurland

1993 to 1995
Mary Mandel

Mary Mandel

1995 to 1997
Barry Liben

Barry Liben*

1997 to 1999
Bennett Schwartz

Bennett Schwartz

1999 to 2001
Simone Shenassa

Simone Shenassa

2001 to 2003
Steve Colten

Steve Colten

2003 to 2005
Bonnie Kessler

Bonnie Kessler

2005 to 2007
Seth Saltzman

Seth Saltzman

2007 to 2009
Charles M. Kurtzer

Charles Kurtzer

2009 to 2011
Susan Friedman

Susan Friedman

2011 to 2013
Seth Saltzman

Seth Saltzman

2011 to 2013
Noel Meltzer

Noel Meltzer

2013 to 2015
Seth Cohen

Seth Cohen

2015 to 2017
Murray Fryd

Murray Fryd

2017 to 2019
Noel Meltzer

Noel Meltzer

2017 to 2019
Orit Kastner

Orit Kastner

2019 to 2021
Debra Grossman

Debra Grossman

2019 to 2021

Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America


We at B'nai Shalom are proud of the men and woman who have served defending the United States. Their heroism and bravery has helped to define our great democracy. Below is the honor roll of our Veterans who served in the armed forces either from B'nai Shalom or from Congregation Ahavath Achim in Belleville. Those Veterans with an * next to their name are of blessed memory.

Dr. Maurice Abramson*
Henry Abramson*
Edith Asher*
Leonard Atkins*
Harold L. Atkins*
Wallace Babbitt*
Abraham Becker*
Ralph Becker*
Benjamin Beilin*
Irving Berkowitz*
Leslie Biebelberg*
Theodore Bierstein*
Darren Blatt
Meyer Borks*
Lester Bornstein
Stephen Burkat
Allan Canter*
Donald Canter
Arnold Citrin*
Henry M. Creditor*
Marvin Denner*
Fred Dreskin*
Irwin 'Buddy' Edelman*
Marvin Faner*
Jerome I. Firtel*
Dr. Seymour Fischer*
Myron Freeman*
Joseph Friedman
Jack Gilbert*
Leonard H. Goldberg*
Dr. Robert Glynn*
S. Joseph Glynn*
Alfred Goodman*
Arthur Gordon
Murray Gottlieb*
Jack Greene*
George Grossman*
Irving Grossman*
Abe Haber*
Dr. William Halpern*
Jerome H. Halzman*
Morris Hecht*
Sidney Hellring*
Irwin Hoffer
Jerry Jacobs*
William Jacobs*
Steven Jacoby
Harold Kaplan*
Simon Kaplan*
Murray Kipnis*
Edgar Kogan*
Edward Kraus*
Herbert Kushner*
Martin Leitzes*
Sol Lempert*
Jacob Levine*
Irving Levine*
Charles Levine*
Bernard Liderbaum*
Robert Lieberman*
Jeffrey Maas
Lt. Roger Melin*
Edward Meyers
Nathan Miller*
Sheldon Mishkind*
Edwin Moscowitz*
Oscar Nathans*
Jack Nathanson*
Joseph Paul*
Thomas Phon
Sanford Pollack*
Dr. Seymour Pollack*
Julius Prager*
George Rader*
Herb Rappaport*
Dr. A.A. Rich*
Dr. William Rich*
Donald B. Rochlin*
Dr. M. Roochvarg*
Israel Rosen*
Alan Rosenberg*
Dr. Harry Rossen*
David Roth*
Herbert Rozansky
Harold Savitt*
Dr. Barney Schaffer*
Abe Schilinsky*
Nat Schlossberg*
Mort Schneider
Emanuel Schnitzer*
Paul Schnitzer*
Alvin Schub*
Charles Schuman
Harry Schwartz*
Morris Schwartz*
Russell Schwartz*
Paul Shapiro*
Morris Silver
Pearl Simon*
Jessica Simpson
Nathan H. Sisselman*
Allen Smiler*
Ralph Smith*
William Smith*
Charles Sorragen*
Fred Strauss*
Dr. Seymour Taffet*
Dr. William Taffet*
Isaac Tarnofsky*
Louis Tessler*
Adolph Thaler*
Herb Tolkowsky*
Irving Weinstock*
George Zeidwig*
Anita Zirn*
Joel Zucker
Louis Zuckerman*